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BINJUSARIA ISPAT PVT. LTD. is a Company at the forefront of Mild Steel Manufacturing in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, producing Grip TMT - a premium quality product that is ideal for homes, apartment buildings, high-rise structures, hospitals, flyovers, hotels, bridges, dams, etc.

BINJUSARIA ISPAT is led by a team of manufacturers with over three decades of experience manufacturing premium quality TMT bars at our state of the art rolling mill, using German technology of THERMEX® process.

Our Products

BINJUSARIA ISPAT PVT. LTD. offers high quality TMT rebars across a range of diameters, from 8 mm to 32 mm with ISI 1786 certification.



AT BINJUSARIA ISPAT PVT. LTD. we use THERMEX®, from HSE GERMANY and TEMPCORE from CRM BELGIUM, two patented technologies, to manufacture Thermo Processed Bars worldwide. THERMEX® Bars have 80% of the market in India and a 60% market share worldwide. The THERMEX® Cooling Technology involves subjecting the bar to a predetermined quantity of high-pressure water after the last rolling mill stand. This treatment converts the bar surface to a hardened structure. The subsequent phase involves cooling at ambient temperature to allow the hot core to temper the surface through thermal exchange. This results in a unique structure of tempered martensite in the peripheral zone and a fine grain ferrite-pearlite at the central zone. Such a structure is the guarantee of a THERMEX® TMT Bar.



GRIP THERMEX® rebars are produced with Carbon less than 0.25% and are suitable for all the main welding processes without any special precautions. No pre-heating or post-heating is necessary. There is no loss of strength at weld-joints.
GRIP THERMEX® bars are ageing resistant due to the manufacturing process and chemical composition.
GRIP THERMEX® bars have been approved internationally for dynamically stressed structural sections.
GRIP THERMEX® rebars, unlike CTD bars, have a proven record for resisting loss of strength at high temperatures as experienced during fires.
GRIP THERMEX® rebars are more corrosion resistant than CTD bars. Cold working involved in CTD bars leads to surface stresses, a consequent higher rate of corrosion, and loss of the protective scale layer during twisting. The THERMEX® process inhibits the rate of scale formation and no cold working is involved.
GT (400) VS CTD (415).
Usage Cost Cost Spending
15% less than CTD 5% more than CTD 10% less than CTD